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For more than 30 years, Donna Hickey has been the muse in crowded rooms across America and beyond. She’s touched hearts, sparked imaginations, and proven that success has no limits.

Donna is one of the brightest voices promoting intensive personal and professional development. With her powerful style, she challenges her audiences. . . then leaves them asking for more. She has traveled six continents, conducting seminars and workshops while speaking for a variety of fields including housing, education, hospitality, transportation, finance, and health care.Read More...

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Donna's Blog: Honey, We need to Talk    

Improving Customer Service? How Tweet It Is!

More businesses are finding Twitter is great for customer feedback. And more responsive brands are seeing greater loyalty and purchasing.

That’s quite an “aha” moment described in less than 140 characters, a la the short/snappy rules of Twitter.  New research by eMarketer shows that more Twitter users want business to be there to answer their tweets. In fact, almost 60% of respondents said they would more likely follow a brand that answered them, and 64% said they would more likely make a purchase from that brand.

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A Little More About Donna

  • Board Member of the National Speakers Association (Illinois) 3- years
  • Director of NSA- Illinois Special Events - 2 years
  • Invited Speaker for the Cavett Institute (NSA)
  • Committee Member of NAAEI - Education
  • Instructor for CAM, CAPS, NALP
  • An approved Vistage Speaker
  • Member of the International Federation of Training and Development Organization

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